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Are You Overthinking Your Content?

As entrepreneurs we spend a lot of time and energy creating content so we can show up "consistently".

However, is most of your time is spent redoing your videos, editing and editing captions, as you try to create the "perfect" piece of content? Are you possibly overthinking your content? If so, I can relate - I use to be just like you. While I would plan and create the “perfect” strategy - I didn’t post it. I literally stopped myself from posting by over-thinking my graphics, captions, the images I use, the video transitions, etc. Sound familiar?

It’s Imposter Syndrome on another level.

In my situation, I had to take a step back and remember about why I was posting in the first place. My social media posts are a way for me to connect with a community of female entrepreneurs who are feeling defeated by lack of knowledge, strategy and planning. They want to understand branding and learn how to market on digital platforms. My goal was is to help women to not give up on their business. How could I help the women who need my knowledge and expertise the most if I didn’t post it? I decided I needed to make a change. And I did.

I focused on the messaging. Remember your MESSAGE is what connects not a perfect looking graphic. The goal of your content is to:




STOP overthinking! Just go for it.

How will you tell your brand story? Let me know in the comments. And here's some "homework":

Use a trending audio to show a list or write an attention grabbing statement in 60 seconds or less. Whatever you do - make it relevant to your brand. Check out one of my reels - When you watch it, can you tell I’m a coffee lover? I cannot have a strategy session without a cup!

Are YOU next? Let’s stop with the overthinking and self-doubt. Shift your mindset to confidence and clarity. Book a Strategy Session with me. During this 2-hour session we will review an audit of your digital channels, recommendations and your customize 90-day content plan.

Go forth and create. #elevatewithelocin

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