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15 Content Ideas for August

August is here and if you're scrambling for content for this month, then look no further. Here are 15 (Yass Sis 15!!) content ideas to help you strategically plan and FINISH STRONG this month.

Ready? Let's go!

Save this list for later.

  1. National Black Business Month - Showcase/Tag Black Businesses on social, email marketing or your blog during the month.

  2. Problem vs. Solution - Think of something relatable, funny or a controversial topic about your niche. Show how your business solves this or is the solution.

  3. Repost A Carousel - Look at your analytics and repost your best performing post from February 2022.

  4. National Book Lovers Day - Create a Reel to promote the Book you wrote or your favorite business books (Aug 9)

  5. National Lazy Day - Create a fun reel showing how you spend a chill or lazy day (August 10th)

  6. Get to Know Me - Share a story or reel about entrepreneurship and lifestyle/routine.

  7. National Relaxation Day - Tell your followers your favorite ways to relax or share a self-care quote. (Aug 15)

  8. Back to School - Create relatable content showing how you balance being an entrepreneur and mom. OR do a product sale for back to school.

  9. World Photography Day - Share your favorite brand photo and tag your photographer. (Aug 19)

  10. Show BTS - Let your audience in by showing the behind the scenes of your day/life, your work or routine.

  11. Your Freebie - Create a free lead magnet for new email subscribers and promote it to them.

  12. National Dog Day - If your dog is an honorary member of your team, share a funny photo/video (Aug 26)

  13. FAQ Inspired - Write down 5 different ways to answer 5 of your most frequently asked questions (Bonus: this will create 15 posts!)

  14. Monday Motivation - Share a mantra or motivational quote that will resonate with your audience. If you're a coach, author or instructor pull from your own "words of wisdom."

  15. End Month Review - Share growth insights for August or 5 highlights of the month

Found a favorite?

My favorite idea is from week of August 28th - FAQ Inspiration: write down 5 different ways to answer your 5 most frequently asked questions. The result - you will end up with 15 different pieces of content! Use these as prompts for reels, stories, emails and more. Want ideas of how to turn this into multiple pieces of content? Click here to see how.

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