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Your Brand Needs Video!

Grab your phone and let's get to work. Learn to grow your reach with video.

Let's first chat about your mindset and offering value...

A lot of people have been talking lately about how there's no more engagement with reels. Instagram is going down and this might all be true. However, let's take a step back and think about what you are doing in your reels.

If you're only using reels to follow trends, sing and dance, and you're not offering any real value to your audience, then YES, you will see your engagement go down, get less views and have less people booking you.

On the flip side, if you're using your video to actually offer value, to actually take the time to talk about what is great about your business, why someone needs to work with your brand, or to explain that what you're offering is the best decision for them - then that's when the magic happens. Your videos are going to GROW your business.

And #2 you have to connect and have an authentic message...

Video is an important part of your marketing strategy. I get it, there are A LOT of things we can blame on the IG algorithm 😅 - your engagement is low, it's hard to keep up with all the new features that's coming out everyday, etc…

Frustrations aside, none of this changes the fact that VIDEO is still one of the best ways to get your brand noticed. So, hone in on finding your perfect audience and focus on what you can control - YOUR MESSAGE.

Use video to tell your brand story in an authentic way. Some reel trends (or even trending audio) may not be right for you brand and that's OK.

Don't limit yourself to Instagram. Find your audience on other platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Pinterest. You can repurpose content on all these platforms. Remember YOU ARE THE CONTENT. So go create.

Here are some video content ideas for service providers and coaches:

➡ Tips for success/growth in your industry

➡ Transition videos (Before & Afters or Show off Your Products)

➡ Educational video explaining 3-5 reasons for ___ (fill in with something your audience needs to hear or have questions about)

➡ Hacks or tips specific to your industry or what you offer

➡ BTS (Behind the scenes of you working, being with clients, creating content, etc.)

➡ Show a day in the life (This gives transparency and makes people feel connected to your brand)

And remember....

If you need more guidance, we can help in developing a 90-day content plan. Book a Strategy Session with me by clicking the button below. See you!

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