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A marketer with heart. They say don't make it personal, but the best work always is.


Meet Coach Nicole Levell, the driving force behind Elocin Marketing LLC, where her name, spelled backward, is the emblem of her distinct approach. As the owner and CEO, Nicole is a dedicated brand strategist and coach on a mission to empower female entrepreneurs in establishing their unique brand identity and fostering business growth through online marketing.

With a rich background spanning 14 years in advertising, digital marketing, and branding, Nicole has lent her expertise to Fortune 100 and 500 companies, including Georgia Power, Marriott International, John Deere, and SCANA Energy. Her passion lies in helping small businesses and entrepreneurs stand out by prioritizing strategic planning, customer loyalty, storytelling, and emotional branding.

Beyond her corporate experience, Coach Nicole extends her knowledge and encouragement to clients as a motivational speaker and a weekly brand coach for female entrepreneurs. Her standout quality is relatability, forging connections through one-on-one coaching that equips clients with both the skills and mindset to manage online marketing goals. This transformative journey ensures affirmation and support with each accomplishment or innovation.

Coach Nicole's signature course, The Love Your Brand Again Accelerator, is an 8-week course with group coaching; designed for entrepreneurs who want to understand branding and online marketing without complex terms or one-on-one coaching. This course is for those building a brand foundation with a small or no team. Dive into a straightforward learning experience that builds both competence and confidence, supported by Nicole's commitment to your success. Check out more courses simplifying digital marketing for entrepreneurs.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Nicole is a committed wife and mother, embodying the delicate balance of family and career. A Salem College graduate with a BA in Mass Communications, she brings a wealth of expertise, empathy, and unwavering support to every aspect of her clients' journey.

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