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Create Story-Telling Content That Sells!

Are you ready to create some story-telling content that's sure to engage your target audience?! This will be easy - because as a SME (or subject matter expert) - no one knows more about your brand and the industry than you. So let's flex those brain muscles and show off your knowledge and expertise.

Here's the assignment: I want you to write down 5 different ways to answer 5 of your most frequently asked questions.

Why you ask? If you do this, you would have created 15-20 pieces of new content! Imagine this simple task turning into:

✔️ 5 Reel Captions + The Reel Cover Question (you can do a talking reel, "point to the screen" reel and "show the list" reel)

✔️ 5 Emails that can be sent out every week

✔️ 5 New YouTube videos (because guess what, you just wrote your script!)

✔️ 3-5 New Blogs (Don't over think this, reuse your reel caption, tweak and embed your YouTube Video or direct them to YouTube)

I know I said this would create 15 new pieces of content, but as you can see, the possibilities are endless. 😍

The take away for today is that you need strategy, time and effort to create good content. A little effort will go a long way to you meeting your goals, making money and not feeling overwhelmed.

Was this helpful? Did you create some amazing stories? Comment below.

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