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12 Ways to Show Off Your Brand!

Let's bring your brand back to life!! Make sure the neighbors know your brand's name by adding your logo, tagline, brand colors to everything from marketing materials to your coffee mug. A little extra effort will go a long way to helping your brand stand out in your industry.

Here are ideas for you to get started:

Save this list!

  1. Website. Make sure your logo is prominent on your website and include your tagline throughout your site.

  2. Email Signature. Add you logo or brand photo and use brand colors in your name to add a pop.

  3. Acuity / Booking Site. Add Your logo and customize with brand colors.

  4. Presentations & Webinars. Rather you're using Canva or Powerpoint, this is a perfect opportunity to create a branded presentation with your brand colors, fonts and logo.

  5. Social Media. Add your brand colors and logo to Posts, Reel Covers, Header Images

  6. YouTube. Use the "customize option" to create a Branded YouTube Business Channel.

  7. Business Cards. Use Canva! Add Your logo and customize with brand colors and fonts.

  8. T-Shirts, Hoodies, Swag. Do we need to say more?!

  9. Custom Labels, Stickers & Decals. Show off our tagline or mission. Customize with your logo, brand colors and fonts.

  10. Branded Images. Stay on "brand" by scheduling a brand photoshoot. Use this opportunity to WEAR your brand colors. We recommend Peach State Media Group.

  11. Invoices & Receipts. Every platform from Square Invoices to Quickbooks allows you to add your logo and link to a website.

  12. Packaging & Printed Collateral. Add your logo and use brand fonts and colors on your brochures, stand-up banners, menus, postcards and more.

And don’t forget to add brand photos or logo to your laptop & phone wallpaper!

Are you ready? Go forth and create. Be your own walking advertisement. Let's Go!

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