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Four Branding Tips for Entrepreneurs

Good branding should ensure your business is relevant, authentic and distinctive.
If you're an entrepreneur, here are 4 easy tips for you! Let's get started:

1. Define who you are and who you are not.

This is where you decide on what makes you different, who you are speaking to and how you plan to POSITION yourself and set yourself apart. Establish your brand personality.

2. Know your ideal brand advocate.

Knowing who you're speaking to will help you refine your messaging to align with your ideal advocate's pain points and problems.

3. Stand out with a strong brand identity.

Your messaging needs to be carried by a strong visual IDENTITY. This includes your logo, signature "stamp" or tagline, fonts, colors and images. How your brand looks will speak to your brand personality. It's key to define your identity in 25, 3's or 4's - no more than 2 variations of your logo, 3 fonts max, 4 colors etc.

4. Stay connected with communication.

Explore different channels to connect with your clients. Keep them in the communication loop while engaging them through these channels. Repetition is your brand's best friend - push your branding often, which includes your messaging and your visual assets.

How are you doing with your branding? Let's chat by booking a strategy session below.

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