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Small businesses and startups need to not only attract customers, but keep them. We offer a variety of services to help you connect with your customers, for a good customer experience every time.


We offer services to help you build your brand. Discover your brand identity - vision, mission, theme, tone and strategic direction. We create logos, branded digital materials and more. We also offer access to free teaching materials. 


Marketing is more than just announcing your next sale.  Businesses must create a great customer experience. We help our clients make 1-to-1 connections with customers through digital channels relationship marketing. We can help with your marketing strategy, target audience and advertising plan. We also offer PR services. 


Social media is a primary key to making connections with your customers. We offer social media audit, custom social content, video editing, social media management and more! Click below to view our social packages. 

Your website is how people are able to view and interact with your brand virtually. Elocin Marketing focuses on the design, content, and mobile experience. Each website is customized to fit your business needs. Elocin is a WIX Partner. We also work with Shopify, Squarespace and Wordpress. Book a consultation today! 


Want to discuss how I can help? Interested in a social or web audit?

Let's schedule some 1-on-1 time. Book a Strategy Session now!

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Strategy Session with Elocin Marketing

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