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ITZJUSTME.BLOG is an on-line forum with a message that is transformative and positive and encourages followers to unlock the power of their minds and live in harmony with their authenticity and greatness. 


The creator is a published author, motivational enthusiast, wife and mother who believes that the power of her message is significantly more important than her personal identity. “My focus is YOU,” she says to her audience on her website bearing the same name. “I want to identify with my audience as a voice they can trust to supply them with good energy and beneficial resources to enhance mind, body and spirit.”





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Customer Review

When I began creating the business model for my company, I knew that social media was one of the marketing platforms I wanted to use. My business is all about celebrating women and using positive affirmations to inspire them to own their purpose and live in harmony with it. I needed a way to reach them and express my message visually. The problem was back in the day when I worked in pubic relations, social media wasn't a "thing". The power of social media required that I become knowledgeable quickly.

I live by the adage that it takes a village to grow a business so I partnered with Nicole Levell, Owner of Elocin Marketing to help me structure a visual presentation on both platforms that would be appealing and incite my followers to connect and respond through comments and product purchases.


Nicole far exceeded my expectations! She is both analytical and creative and uses her diverse skillset interchangeably from assisting with brand colors and creating graphics to the best time of day to post and which posts should be targeted for further promotions. She truly knows how to move your business forward, drive engagement and yield profitable results.


Additionally, Nicole is an excellent teacher. Through her on-line courses and follow-up videos, she taught me the functions of specific icons and how to analyze the growth of my business using the tools provided within each platform. Nicole is patient and knowledgeable. She’s trendy and progressive. In two words Nicole is…THE BEST!

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