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A marketer with heart. They say don't make it personal, but the best work always is.


Elocin Marketing is everything you need and want it to be. We are a full service digital marketing agency dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to get noticed, reach a wider audience and increase profitability. Customer loyalty is at the center of all we do and is the foremost principle that guides the marketing strategies we help our client’s create. We build relationships to build your brand.

The founder, Nicole Levell used her own life as the backdrop on which she launched Elocin Marketing in January of this year. As an homage to brand identity she started with the company name. Elocin is Nicole spelled backwards and she brings over 10-years of experience in digital strategy, advertising, content creation, marketing, branding and event planning to her clients. Although not exclusive, her focus is female-owned small businesses.


As a wife and mother, Nicole is committed to supporting female entrepreneurs navigate and balance the demands of family and career. “In the United States, 40% of businesses are women-owned. It’s important to me to be a change agent in helping women advance the goals of their business. Doing it alone is hard. We are here and ready to help,” says Nicole.

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