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Meet Coach Nicole

Her name is Nicole Levell, and her expertise is branded in her company, Elocin Marketing LLC, which incorporates her first name spelled backwards. As owner and CEO, Nicole has established herself as a brand strategist and coach with a mission to help female entrepreneurs establish their unique brand identity and grow their businesses through online marketing.

She provides the guidance, support and hype her clients and students need to transform their business and themselves through her 8-week course, The Love Your Brand Again Accelerator. There are elements of support built into every aspect of the course and Nicole is dedicated to ensuring her clients get results and feel confident about their branding and marketing strategy.

Coach Nicole has 14 years of experience in advertising, digital marketing, and branding for Fortune 100 and 500 companies. She combines her expertise and passion to help female entrepreneurs' brand stand out by focusing on strategy, customer loyalty, storytelling and emotional branding.

Coach Nicole teaches both competence and confidence to her clients through her work as a motivational speaker, and a weekly brand coach. Her big sell is that she is relatable. Through one on one coaching she helps her clients establish the skill set to manage their online marketing goals, while reshaping their mindset as they are affirmed and supported with each accomplishment or new innovation.

As a wife and mother, Nicole is committed to supporting female entrepreneurs navigate and balance the demands of family and career. She graduated Salem College with a BA in Mass Communications.

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